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Company Contacts

Contact Position Responsible for Email Address Mobile Number Direct Number
Sean Kavanagh Managing Director   sean@formations.ie 085 2888410 01 6641170
Karen Corcoran Corporate Services Manager Company Restorations, Company Liquidations, Document legalisations karen@formations.ie 085 2888412 01 6641172
Joanne Browne Company Formations New Incorporations, Changes of Company Name joanne@formations.ie 085 2888413 01 6641174
Sue Jesper Company Secretarial Supervisor Advanced Company Secretarial Assignments, Share for Share Exchanges sue@formations.ie 085 2888415 01 6641173
Yolanda Roman Corporate Services Supervisor International Clients- Management of Corporate Services for Irish and Overseas companies yolanda@formations.ie 085 2364833 01 6641175
Jeena Cardenas Secretarial Administrator Company Secretarial support- Renewable Services jeena@formations.ie 085 2888422 01 6641176
Mary Walsh  Company Formations Administrator Preparation of corporate documents, following incorporation mary@formations.ie 085 2888425 01 6642344
Michelle Maycock  Company Formations Administrator Preparation of corporate documents, following incorporation michelle@formations.ie 087 607 9194 01 6642345
Shabbir Garana Finance Director Accounting shabbir@formations.ie 085 2888427 01 6641171
Abdul Saeed Ahmad Assistant Accountant Accounting saeed@formations.ie 085 2888431 01 6642343
Daisi Saco Administrator Maintenance of Renewable Services daisi@formations.ie 085 2086384 01 6642340
Ludmilla Tays Costa Oliveira Overseas Services Administrator Secretarial Support of Overseas Companies ludmilla@formations.ie 087 098 4668 01 6642342
Gagani Nidesha Company Secretarial Administrator Company Secretarial including Secretarial Maintenance, Voluntary Strike Off gagani@formations.ie 085 7447314 01 6642348
Pat O’Gradey Credit Control Cash receivables – Domestic pat@formations.ie 085 2888410 01 6642346
Sue McMillen Credit Control Cash Receivables-International suemck@formations.ie 085 2888410 01 6642347

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