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Court Order Restoration UK & Northern Ireland

Company restoration by Court Order is required when a UK company itself has applied to be struck off, or is not eligible for an administrative restoration or wishes to be restored for a limited purpose and will be struck off again.

Generally, any of the following may make an application for restoration:

  1. Any former director, member, creditor or liquidator
  2. Any person who had a contractual relationship with the company or who had a potential legal claim against the company
  3. Any person who had an interest in land or property in which the company also had an interest, right or obligation
  4. Any manager or trustee of the company’s former employees’ pension fund
  5. Any other person who appears to the Court to have an interest in the matter

In order to restore the name of a company to the Register in the UK/NI, it is necessary to make an application to the Companies Court in the relevant jurisdiction. Application is made and served upon the Registrar of Companies and the Treasury/Crown Solicitor supported by an Affidavit from the applicant setting out the full facts and explaining the default.

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