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Administrative Restoration UK & Northern Ireland

What is Administrative Restoration?

Under certain conditions, where a UK company was dissolved because it appeared to be no longer carrying on business or in operation, a former director or member (who was a director or member at the time the company was dissolved) may apply to the registrar to have the company restored.

Administrative Restoration is available where the company was struck off under either section 652 of the UK Companies Act 1985, section 603 of the Companies Consolidation (Consequential Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 (SI 1986/1035 (NI 9)or section 1000 and 1001 of the UK Companies Act 2006. Also the company must be dissolved for no more than six years at the date the registrar receives the application for restoration

  1. If a company meets the above criteria, an application for restoration may be made if it meets the following conditions:
    it must have been carrying on business or in operation at the time it was struck off.
  2. if any property or rights belonging to the company became “Bona Vacantia”, the applicant must provide the registrar with a statement in writing from the relevant Crown Representative giving consent to the company’s restoration. This statement is called a ‘Bona Vacantia waiver letter’, and must be obtained from the relevant Crown representative. A fee of STG£69 is applicable,
  3. it has delivered all documents necessary to bring the company up to date at Companies House and paid any outstanding late filing penalties
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