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Try not to be too general when searching for a company name. Something like "Irish Enterprises" is too broad. Also, if you have a very specific name in mind try a search without some of the words included. For example, instead of "Kavanaghs hot bagel and coffee bar" just search for "bagel coffee" or "kavanagh".

Note: (1) We do not recommend that stationery, signs or other products of this nature are ordered/printed until the Certificate of Incorporation has been issued by the Companies Registration Office.

Note: (2) The following search checks all current companies regisitered in Ireland. It is to be used as a guide only. If a similar name is not returned it does not guarantee the name is available or will be accepted.

Note: (3) Do not include words such as "son", "limited" or "ltd".

Note: (4) The search term must be at least three characters long.