UK Company Restorations

An application to restore a UK company to the register is quite similar to the procedure to restore an Irish company.

It is necessary to make an application to the Companies Court in London. Application is made and served upon the Registrar of Companies and the Treasury Solicitor supported by an Affidavit from a shareholder or creditor of the company setting out the full facts and explaining the default.

Thereafter, our UK solicitors must deal with the Treasury Solicitor. They prepare and serve an Affidavit of Service and comply with all the Treasury Solicitor's requirements as to filing of outstanding accounts and annual returns. This happens before the hearing at which our Solicitors attend and thereafter obtain an Order for the restoration of the company's name to the Register .

This has the effect of providing that the company has never been struck off, subject to the Court order being filed with the Registrar of Companies and advertised in the London Gazette.

In the event that the annual accounts have to be filed before the hearing, the Registrar of Companies will levy a penalty of STG£100.00 per set of accounts filed late on accounts due after 1992. The filing fees for outstanding annual returns must also be paid.

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