Form H1R - CRO Strike Off and Restoration

(Form 11F)

Every Company which is incorporated in the State or which commences to trade within the State must deliver, within thirty days, certain information to the Revenue Commissioners. That information is set out on the Form 11F CRO.

The Revenue Commissioners automatically send a Form 11F CRO to each new company as it is incorporated, at it's registered office.

Section 46 of the Companies Amendment (No.2) Act made it possible for companies to be struck off for failing to deliver this form, following just one warning notice.

The procedure for striking companies off in this manner is similar to, but completely independent of, the process for dissolving companies which have not filed Annual Returns with the CRO. Indeed some companies have been fully up to date in relation to Annual Returns and yet have been struck off for not filing a Form 11F CRO.

In order to have the company restored, a completed Form 11F CRO must be filed with the relevant section of the Revenue Commissioners. A letter of consent to the company being restored is then issued by the Revenue.

The letter of consent together with a CRO Form H1R is then filed in the Companies Registration Office, together with any outstanding annual returns and accounts. The company should then be restored within 10/12 weeks.
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