Brighter Domains

Brighter Domains is an interactive website which allows you to search and secure your domain name online. Whether you want a .ie, .org, .net or a .com Brighter Domains can guide you through the maze of registering your Internet Domain Name.

With over 900,000 new Domain Names being registered each month it's important you protect your company's Domain name now. Even if you don't want to use it for a while it's a good idea to secure your name on the web.

It's so easy to register a name ! And once your name - or your company name - is registered no one else can use it.

Enter a domain name to check its availability. There is no need to enter the 'www'.

Brighter Domains Price List

Suffix Price
(ex VAT)
Period Notes
.ie €59 1 Year
.com €59 2 Years
.net €59 2 Years
.org €59 2 Years
.eu €59 1 Year European Union companies & residents only.
.info €59 2 Years
.biz €59 2 Years
.name €59 2 Years €95 1 Year Alternative name for Northern Ireland €75 2 Years

Please refer to the Brighter Domains Price List for the terms for each suffix.